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24th July 2012

9:44am: DARN!
Seems I have a virus, or trojan or whatever they call these things.  Every time I get on line, I am re-directed to sites I would much rather not see.  I'm just not into half naked women.  I can't seem to get rid of it, so time to call the computer guru.
Current Mood: aggravated

9th June 2012

10:22am: Don't delete me
I've got enough problems.  Please don't delete me.
Current Mood: depressed

11th November 2011

9:31am: Gosh
I just realized how long it has been since I posted here.
Not that I have anything profound to say.  I have been kinda busy, diagnosed with lung cancer. ( no I don't smoke) Going through being in 2 different hospitals, radiation, etc.  No, I am not cured,  The tumor is inoperable and too close to my heart and major arteries.  But I am getting by, taking it day by day.
Other than that, nothing new to report.
Current Mood: calm

22nd February 2011

9:46am: Is everyone ok?
Please, all our friends in New Zealand, check in and let us know you are ok.
Current Mood: worried

14th February 2011

A Very Happy Valentine's Day to all of you.
Current Mood: cheerful

28th December 2010

9:39am: Having fun?
I hope everyone had a great Christmas.  I have family down from Pennsylvania for the holidays.  One of them has to fly back today to Philadelphia.  What do you think her chances are of getting a flight out of Orlando?
It's very cold here, but thank God, no snow.
Current Mood: cold

18th October 2010

12:33pm: SMALL RANT
Can someone tell me why men who use uni-sex bathrooms can't lock the door when they are inside???

3rd September 2010

10:02am: My summer
It's been a while since I posted.  Let's see, this has been a strange summer.  
1st, a leak in the plumbing that runs under my bedroom floor caused my floor to collapse.  (The floors in these manufactured homes are particle board, which does NOT like getting wet.)  So I had to get the leak fixed and replace the floor.
2nd, the water heater leaked and had to be replaced along with the compartment around it.
3rd, a high wind ripped the trim off the whole side of my home and had to be put back up.
4th, my 9 year old car broke down 2x in 2 weeks and had to be towed.
Since I fixed or replaced everything else that went wrong, I decided there was only one thing to do.  So for the first time in my life, I went out and bought a new car.  A 2010 red Hyundai Elantra.  What an experience.
Now I am fighting a wireless router that spends more time down that it does running.  And the tech people do not speak english.
How has your summer been?
Current Mood: frustrated

24th June 2010

10:28am: AGAIN?
ATP suspended again?  I contributed last time, but I guess there weren't enough contributions to keep things going for long.

UPDATE: It seems that a hacker got their site and sent thousands of spam mails. They are trying to fix things. Hackers should be burned at the stake.
Current Mood: frustrated

14th June 2010

11:12am: HEY!!

All of the sudden my friends page is in really giant print!   What happened?

Current Mood: confused

26th March 2010

I just tried to click onto ATP and it came up "ACCOUNT SUSPENDED"  Anyone know what happened??  Is it just me or what?
Current Mood: shocked

8th January 2010

12:16pm: SAY WHAT??
You know things are seriously out of wack when you live in central Florida and your local weatherman is on the noon news telling you about the SNOW and/or SLEET  you can look for later this evening!!
Current Mood: cold

30th December 2009

11:31am: 2010
I want to wish everyone a HAPPY, PROSPEROUS, PEACEFUL NEW YEAR. May 2010 be better than 2009.
Current Mood: chipper

16th December 2009

9:23am: I just want to wish everyone a Happy, Joyous, Merry or Blessed, whatever you celebrate at this time of the year.
Current Mood: cheerful

12th July 2009

9:28am: Long time
Ok, I haven't posted here for a few months. Long story short--had problems, went to doctor, had extensive tests, scheduled for surgery on June 22, diagnosed with cancer, removal of several organs that really were no longer useful at my age, am home recovering, not as fast as I would like, still need radiation treatments.
That's it in a nutshell.
Current Mood: blah

25th May 2009

9:25am: Enough already!!
We are facing the ninth consecutive day of heavy rain. The street behind me is flooded and the water is creeping up peoples driveways. Part of our county has been declared a disaster area, and more rain is predicted for the rest of the week.
Even worse are the water moccasins swimming in the water-UGH!!! I hate snakes.
Current Mood: stressed

13th May 2009

9:01am: I love trees--but
This is getting so tiresome. We had one of those sudden, violent Florida storms yesterday and this morning another tree went down in my yard. This one is hung up on another tree and must be taken down. This makes the fourth tree I have had to pay to get removed. At this rate, I'll be bankrupt.
Current Mood: stressed

10th April 2009

5:29pm: Am I the only one who found this funny?
Best laugh I have had in a long time, and proof that there must not be any gay men in the republican party.
Last night I giggled my head off watching Rachel Maddow trying to keep a straight face while reporting a story about the republicans having tea parties and sending President Obama teabags. While she was reporting this "teabagging" of the president, men off camera were laughing wildly.
If you don't know why they were laughing, I suggest you Google "Urban Dictionary" and look up "teabagging".
Current Mood: giggly

23rd March 2009

9:30am: NO! NO! NO!
I am not ready for this! I'm too young.
On Wednesday the 18th, I became a GREAT-GRANDMOTHER!
A little girl, Guiliana Marie.
I need a martini
Current Mood: giggly

8th February 2009

11:29am: Take Care
I hope any of my firends out there who live in Australia are well out of the way of the fires. Please be careful.
Current Mood: worried

31st December 2008

10:47am: New Year
I want to wish every one out there a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.
Please be careful tonight if you are out and driving.
Current Mood: cheerful

22nd December 2008

9:34am: Since it's approaching very quickly, and I may not get the chance later, I want to wish all of you out there a Merry, Blessed, Happy, Joyous or Holy whatever you happen to celebrate at this time of the year.
My son and his wife are coming to visit from Pennsylvania, and they are bringing their 2 border collies, much to the dismay of my 2 chihuahuas. Oh Joy.
Current Mood: busy

12th December 2008

10:01am: Not again!
Is there a problem with midnight-whispers site again? I haven't been able to access it for 2 days. All I get is "Fatal Error cannot connect to database".
I get withdrawal symptoms when this happens.
Current Mood: frustrated

26th November 2008

10:07am: Thanksgiving
Have a Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it tomorrow. Please drive carefully if you are traveling.
To those who don't celebrate tomorrow, have a wonderful day anyhow.
Current Mood: happy

30th October 2008

11:52am: Night Visitor
The bear came back. He decided on a late night snack and was raiding trash. Still couldn't get a picture because it was too dark and I wasn't going to get close enough for my flash to work.
Current Mood: mellow
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